About me

My name is Borja Barbero and I was born in Valladolid in 1993. I have been in the Real Valladolid young divisions from age 8 to 17. Then I got a soccer scholarship to play in IONA college (NCAA division 1). Being a student athlete has allowed me to be able to become proficient with my time management skills. I was good not only at soccer, but as well in school. In 2013 I transferred to University of Delaware, where I got my bachelors degree on biochemistry on 2015. At Delaware I did undergraduate research under the supervision of Dr. Catherine Grimes, working on Chrons disease.

After graduation, I had the dilemma of playing professional soccer or attending grad school. Besides being on the draft list for MLS combine in 2014, I was not chosen. I am a current PhD student at Texas A&M university, working on Plant Telomeres in the lab of Dr. Dorothy Shippen. I still play soccer for Texas A&M club soccer.

Curriculum vitae: This is my cv

Hobbies: Play sports (all of them), watch movies and walk with my dogs.

Favorite animal: Dog.

Favorite book: A Short history of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson.

Favorite movie: Star wars episode 4; “A New Hope”.

If you are further interested on my lab and our research visit www.planttelomeres.com.